Established in 1994, Acacia Fabrics boasts over three decades of relentless dedication to enhancing products and services. With a strong foundation built on positive company culture, mutual care, and unwavering core values, we have emerged as the premier distributor of exquisite, imported fabrics for both interior and exterior applications across Southeast Asia.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the rigorous testing our fabrics undergo, meeting and exceeding the standards of British, French, German, and American quality benchmarks. Acacia houses a diverse collection with over 22, 000 SKUs of designs and colours alike, in our extensive fabric library.

At Acacia, we uphold the Acacia Quality (AQ) standard, ensuring that our fabrics are safe and non-toxic, washable, and pre-shrunk, adhere to fire-retardant standards, exhibit colourfastness, offer durability, and provide a luxurious touch. Additionally, our environmental management practices reflect our dedication to sustainable and responsible manufacturing.

Who we are

Acacia Fabrics is a place where people are passionate, playful and inspired. We are a group of individuals working as a team, constantly striving to be the best collectively as well as individually.

The same spirit that flows within our brand makes us who we are.

We are recognised not only for the certified, tested quality of our fabrics, but also because we’ve built our name in a consultation capacity, advising in all things interiors, designs and fabrics.


Our vision

Our vision as a global company is to be a world leader in everything we do. Our mission is to manufacture chic fabrics and provide exceptional customer service.

Forging leaders, nurturing the skills in our workforce, improving our employees’ lives by encouraging a stable work/life balance: these are among the many things we want to continue to implement and improve upon.

To us, corporate social responsibility is not something that is imposed upon us but rather it is inherently part of our strategy and culture, guiding our operations day by day.

Our goal is to encourage the growth of future successful industry players by inviting interns into our company for some hands-on industry experience and knowledge transference. We’d like to be more explicit and affirmative with regards to our desired social influence – to step out of our comfort zone and have a lasting impact where it matters.

We’d like to be more explicit and affirmative with regards to our desired social influence – to step out of our comfort zone and have a lasting impact where it matters.

What we’re essentially saying is, we continually strive to create shared value as the keystone of sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Business opportunity - full solution

Acacia Fabrics fosters an innovative, ambitious culture that expresses itself through fabrics. Our customers are passionate about art, colours, designs, textures, and so are we.

We are a creatively-led company, constantly forming heightened customer experiences through curated product assortments.

Inspired by their leadership, the people of Acacia Fabrics work in a dynamic environment. A deep relationship with our brands, our business model, and our motivation is prioritized and encouraged.

This sense of belonging enables us to holistically unlock the possibilities of growth, together. We believe strongly that, together, our brands and we as people can reach greater heights.

From our ever-expanding list of dealerships, we have realised that building a business of your own is the path to true job satisfaction and a driven, balanced lifestyle.

Your success is our pride and you will never walk alone with Acacia Fabrics. A fun, creative and supportive group of people will always be behind you.